Hello friends!

Whoever believes that pigs are not smart have clearly never spent any time with pigs! They really are like a two year old! You all know Miss Daisy, one of the newest additions to the barn. Well, she has been keeping us on our toes. We received Daisy as a little piglet so she isn’t quite as calm as sweet (sometimes grumpy) older Miss Violet.  Daisy is as darling as can be and thrives on attention but boy is she clever. Her latest mission has been to find new ways out of the fencing so we continue to try and stay one step ahead of her plots. Ever try to outsmart a little piggy? Well, it isn’t easy! We have given her dog treat dispensers and even tried giving her Bodhi’s big treat dispenser to keep her occupied, but both have been short lived. We would love some ideas from you all on some new, creative, and safe means to keep this girl entertained and out of mischief. She might just be upset because she doesn’t have a sponsor yet, so if any of you animal lovers out there would like to sponsor Daisy, we would be grateful. She loves being the center of attention and you would just absolutely make her day. Sponsoring her would most definitely be an oink of a good time!

Has anyone noticed anything new about the look of Project: Thrive? If you guessed a new, updated website then you are absolutely correct! Take a few minutes and check out the official website for Project:Thrive.  We think we looked pretty good before, but now we are just simply dazzling! We can’t stop looking at ourselves. The creative genius behind our revamped site is no other than our amazing volunteer Lisa Crowe. Lisa is the owner/operator/designer of Lightshine Design, a web design/graphic artistry company. We are so lucky to have such talent helping us here at Project: Thrive. If you are looking for web design work or graphic design, check out Lisa’s official website at Lightshine Design. A big, heartfelt thank you to Lisa for keeping us looking beautiful and functioning properly in the web-o-sphere.

We have another great big shout out to give and that goes to every single one of you that helped in covering the costs for the barn kittens. We are in the process of getting them vetted and will have pictures of the little cuties coming soon. You all never cease to amaze us. We asked for help and you came rushing to our side. What a big difference you have made in the lives of these kitties. From all of us here at the barn, thank you!

It’s about that time again. Springtime! You know what that means. Lots and lots of kiddos coming out to enjoy the animals and learn about treating all living beings with kindness and compassion. That also means that we need volunteers. Groups, schools, and various organizations have already inquired about scheduling time to come out this spring. We will let you know specific dates and further information as it gets closer, but if you have any interest in volunteering with us during these events, please reach out and let us know via our Volunteer Page.

Don’t forget that even though we have a lot of volunteer opportunities here on site with the animals, we also have many opportunities to volunteer remotely. We know there are a lot of creative juices out there and we would love for you to share your ideas and talents with us. If you are interested, let us know how you think you can best help. We would love to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line on our Volunteer Page. With so many mouths to feed and care to give, we are always in need of donations and sponsors. If you have a little extra and you want to contribute to Project: Thrive and support our mission, we would be very appreciative. To learn more about making a donation please visit our website to DONATE. Don’t forget about AmazonSmiles! Remember that with AmazonSmiles, whenever you place an order, a portion of the proceeds will be directed to the charity of your choice at no additional cost to you. What a great way to support an organization like Project: Thrive!

As always, thank you all for your continued support and generosity. We appreciate you more than you could know.

(Images featured are: Daisy the pig with little volunteer Scout; Two of our amazing, amazing volunteers, Julie and Ellen with Bodhi)

In Kindness,

Project: Thrive