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In Memoriam


Thank you so much for taking this opportunity to share a little time with our beloved animals who have crossed over.

While this page celebrates each and every sweet soul who has passed through our gates and into our hearts, words and photos cannot begin to convey the depth of joy and wonderment they brought to our lives.

Every individual who rests on this page still takes up a big part of our hearts. They shared their trust, their kindness and their spunk with everyone who visited, met them, cared for them, and looked into their eyes.

Visitors would come to volunteer with and visit the animals, but what they didn’t realize before they arrived is that they would leave with someone in their hearts. Every single time.

It seemed everyone was a favorite to someone. Everyone was noticed and treasured as an individual. And everyone knew they were loved and cherished here.

When an animal leaves us, they are surrounded by the humans who love them and the animals they shared their lives with. We want to make sure that they feel safe, comforted, and reassured as they leave their body and journey forward.

But boy oh boy, how deeply they are missed. By all their humans. And their animal family members who still reside in our care.

Big Bodhi – This sweet boy came to live with us when he was only one month old. Bodhi was born on a dairy farm and separated from his mommy immediately.  Bodhi grew to over 3000 pounds. He was gentle, curious and came to us when we called him. Kids loved to hug on him and snuggle with him. The chickens would sometimes stand on him while he was resting in the grass. The goats would rest their heads on him when sleeping. He was truly a gentle giant, but his enormous size caused severe arthritis in his legs and was beginning to affect his neck as well.  We are so very appreciative of VetCS as they provided much needed help in the form of CBD powder, which we mixed with peanut butter in sandwich form.

Sadly, we had to let Bodhi go when his pain and inflammation compromised his comfort. He was the center of our barn. Every animal enjoyed his kindness and felt safe in his presence. And every human who had the pleasure of spending time with him felt that powerful gentleness in his spirit. Bodhi was buried in the Rocky Mountains where the buffalo roam daily.