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Sponsor a Rescue

Monthly recurring monetary donations to help us feed our rescued animals are very helpful!  If you’re unable to sponsor an animal but are inspired to contribute to the care of our family of rescues please visit the Donate Page on this website.  Any and every amount is helpful and appreciated.

You can become one of our Hay Heroes for a recurring donation of $100 a month, which would go a long way toward the $1,200/month+/- it costs to keep the Project: THRIVE animals fed and medical needs met.  Other areas to help include becoming a Pasture Pal for $50/month to help pay for the farrier who comes every other month at around $325/visit and to help support the equines – Roja, Ruby, and Gracie.  With a recurring donation of $25 a month you can be a Barnyard Buddy and help us cover the cost of bedding and straw for the barn – roughly $180/month.

If making sure the animals, chickens and ducks get their veggies inspires your heart you can be a member of the Produce Patrol for only $15/month, which helps with pay for carrots, berries, apples, sweet potatoes, spinach, and more.  We spend around $80/month for treats for everyone, which is covered under the Goodies Gang $10/month category.  Last but not least, if you would like to become one of our Guardian Angels click on the ‘Other’ category and fill in whatever amount best fits your budget.

The Project: THRIVE Family Members (Rescues)

Big Bodhi – This sweet boy came to live with us when he was only one month old. Bodhi was born on a dairy farm and separated from his mommy immediately. He had no idea what to think of humans or a wide open space to roam in. Bodhi became fast friends with the two young goats who live with us. Since he had not lived with other cows he quickly became accustomed to playing and living like the goats. He tried climbing on tree stumps like they jumped on. He wanted to climb on to the huge tractor tires that the goats bounced from. Bodhi even tried to climb up a tree when the three were playing a game of chase!

Bodhi our rescued cow

Bodhi has now grown to almost 3000 pounds. He is gentle, curious and comes to us when we call him. Kids love to hug on him and snuggle with him. The chickens will sometimes stand on him while he is resting in the grass. The goats will rest their heads on him when sleeping. He is truly a gentle giant but his enormous size has caused severe arthritis in his legs and was beginning to affect his neck as well.  We are so very appreciative of VetCS as they provided much needed help in the form of CBD powder, which we mix with peanut butter in sandwich form.  We were truly prepared to put Bodhi down as his pain was so bad. Your recurring donation of $75/month would be so very much appreciated to help keep Big Bodhi moving with minimal pain.

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You can co-sponsor Bodhi with a recurring monthly donation of only $75.

Skyfall and Augie the goats

Skyfall & Augie – These two kids came to live with us about the same time. They were both a few months old when they arrived and were instant family members. Skyfall (red) is calm, loving and really smart. Augie (black & white) is also very clever and a real clown. These two are always together and looking for an adventure. They bounce off of the huge tractor tires, climb whatever they can get their hooves on and chase each other and their friends relentlessly.

Skyfall and Augie have shown all the other incoming family members the lay of the land. They welcomed Bodhi, the calf, into the herd, shared their little barn with Violet, the pig and played with timid Pearl, the lamb, when she arrived and was so scared. These two run to welcome every human who walks into their world. They are both so special to our family. It is hard to believe that when they first moved in with us they were terrified of humans. Update:  Sadly, we lost Skyfall to a sudden and unpreventable illness.  His presence continues to be felt and always will.

You can co-sponsor Augie with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

Willy, Harry, Jinx and Hudson – When Skyfall suddenly got sick and crossed over, Augie was devastated. Augie grieved hard for his best friend. When a month had gone by we decided he needed another close companion so we put the word out to find him one. The only criterion was that this new family member needed a home to call their own. We had volunteers and followers searching for a special boy who was in need of a home, and four goats came knocking at our door.  Willy and Harry had been found as strays and turned into the Denver Shelter. We opened our hearts and gates to both of these boys.  Jinx and Hudson had been the boys on a dairy farm so their fate was a little shaky. They, too, came to us and moved right in. All four of these boys are just so sweet and keep us laughing most of the time. We are just so happy to have them in our barn family!

You can co-sponsor Willy with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

You can co-sponsor Harry with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

You can co-sponsor Jinx with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

You can co-sponsor Hudson with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

Bertie and Levon

Bertie and Levon were purchased by a farmer to keep a farm mowed down. They survived a year without a shelter or their human providing them food or water. When the temps reached into the upper 90s, a kind woman would tote 5 gallon buckets of water to them to keep them from a heat stroke or dehydration. She pleaded with their “owner” to give them up to a rescue but he held firm.

When the owner was about to be evicted from the farm, he finally said the goats could go to rescue. And that very kind human who made sure they had water called us to come get them.

It took these two boys about a month before they exhaled and trusted that they would have shelter, food and water all the time. And they will take in and give back all the love in the world to us and our volunteers.

You can co-sponsor Bertie with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

You can co-sponsor Levon with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.

Sweet Pearl the lamb came to us through the local animal shelter. She was so terrified of humans and other animals that it was impossible to comfort her. It took her a little time but she slowly began to warm up to Bodhi (the calf). She seemed to feel safe when she was near him and her confidence began to grow. Pearl now runs to greet humans and even lets strangers pet her and give her attention. She loves to play with the goats, Bodhi and Violet (the pig) now. It is so gratifying to watch her interact with such giddiness and enthusiasm.

Pearl the lamb

Pearl also really enjoys being sung to while having her coat brushed. When you hear the phrase ‘Gentle as a Lamb’, think of Pearl. She is gentle, loving and happy.

You can co-sponsor Pearl with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.  

Poppy the lamb

Poppy came to us after being rescued from a dire situation. He was two weeks old and we began bottle feeding him when he arrived. Poppy is a character and didn’t hesitate to introduce himself to the other barn residents. He marched right up to Bodhi the cow and stood in front of him until he was noticed and acknowledged. From the chickens to the goats to the pig, he has made friends with each one through his persistence. He never knew his mama and was called a “bum” lamb. That means he was rejected or orphaned at birth. We took him into our arms and he calls to us and follows us around like we have always been his mommy (which I guess we really have).

His favorite thing in the world is to playfully head butt Violet the pig from behind and to crawl up into our lap and be sung to. His little face rubs up against mine as he listens to his name being sung over and over. Poppy has certainly stolen our hearts.

You can co-sponsor Poppy with a recurring monthly donation of only $15.  

The chickens! Eunice came to us from the animal shelter. She has no beak. We soften her food with extra water and she gets along just fine. Eunice is very affectionate and gentle. Did you know that chickens purr when they feel safe and cared for? Eunice will gladly sit close and let you pet her. The girls take over the goat’s (and Big Baby Bodhi’s) barn during the day when it’s cold and snowy outside.

The chickens so happy together

We guess it is more fun to go to someone else’s house than stay inside at home all day. And yes, the boys will often hang out in the coop when it’s cold.

You can co-sponsor the chickens with a recurring monthly donation of only $10.  
Lottie and Gertie

Lottie & Gertie – Lottie came to us from Longhopes Donkey Shelter and they were, thankfully, able to pull her from the kill buyer. She came in with her burro buddy and constant companion, Gertie. Lottie and Gertie’s are minis and they absolutely LOVE humans, especially children. Lottie has appointed herself the main guard to the barn at night. I will oftentimes see her sweet face poking around the door to get a better look at what’s going on out in the dark. Lottie will rest her head on my shoulder if I am working or meditating down in the barn. I pull the bucket out to sit on and Lottie makes a bee line to where I’m sitting to move in close and add to the peaceful vibes that ring through the barn. Lottie is about 19 years old.

You can co-sponsor Lottie or Gertie with a recurring monthly donation of only $25.  

Izzie & Allie – Allie (grey and gracefully aged) is the mother to Izzy. Even though Allie and Izzy went through some traumatic experiences when they were rounded up by the BLM they both are so gentle and patient. Allie is very motherly and will follow the humans around and just stand near them either to watch over them or to snuggle in for a little affection. Allie loves putting her face close to her human. Both Allie and Izzy love being sung to. No matter what they are doing when a song begins they come in really close. Izzy is about 15 years old and her mother, Allie is around 20.

Izzie and Allie
You can co-sponsor Izzie or Allie with a recurring monthly donation of only $25.  
Violet the pig

Violet the pig – Violet is a character! When the call came from the shelter/rescue group that Violet was going to need to a place to land quickly we didn’t quite know the magnitude of her personality. She arrived and immediately tried to take charge. Bodhi and the goats kept distance between them. The boys stood in cautious amazement as the self-appointed queen quickly began making the calls. Let’s just say, in the beginning, Violet could part the waters effectively. She was given a lot of space and she took it. Then, as she became more comfortable and realized the others were friendly, gentle and playful, she began to soften.

Now, Violet is not up for the congeniality award yet but she is making great strides in becoming a playful barn mate and friend. You’ve come a long way, baby, and we are glad you made our home, your home!

You can co-sponsor Violet with a recurring monthly donation of only $25.

Daisy the pig – Daisy is our newest little piglet at the barn and can you say spirited? She is just a bundle of joy that bounces around from one thing to the next in search of cuddles and kisses and FUN! She is the smartest, sweetest little piggy, not to take anything away from Miss Violet the Pig of course, but piglets are truly just so CUTE! We were ready to rescue another somebody special to live at the barn and, well, we just could not resist this precious little soul.

Daisy the pig

This little girl was turned into the Denver Animal Shelter and we rescued her from there. She will have a wonderful life here with us and we are certain she will bring us all a lot of joy as well. Welcome home sweet Daisy!

You can co-sponsor Daisy with a recurring monthly donation of only $25.

Roja the horse

Roja joined our family when her 89 year old mom (a super, amazing woman!) had to have a knee replacement and wouldn’t be able to ride her for a while. Roja lived most of her life at the stable with other boarded horses and adult care takers. When she arrived she was shy and it took her a while to warm up to daily chats, grooming and singing in the barn. But, once she got in the groove she decided she really enjoyed sharing in it!

She loves the attention but really enjoys the younger crowd and teaches them that being really big just means one has a really big heart and spirit. We just love our big, red girl!

You can co-sponsor Roja with a recurring monthly donation of only $50.

Gracie had been forgotten in a small pen. We happened to ask her name and we were told she didn’t have one. She had been in that small pen since her high school human had graduated and moved away some 15-16 years ago. The moment she unloaded at our barn, she ran at full gallop around our pasture at least 5-6 times. She seemed to be smiling that day from ear to ear.  She is big, loves to boss everyone around but loves to protect everyone too. She also wants all the treats when she realizes someone is passing them out. So we have to give them out on the sly until the very last one, then Gracie gets it. Otherwise, she wants them all.  Smile. We are grateful for Gracie. And we believe she is grateful for her new family too. She sure seems to love her life here.

Gracie the horse

You can co-sponsor Gracie with a recurring monthly donation of only $50.

Roja the horse

Ruby is a strong and independent 30+ year old girl who we luckily inherited when we moved to our new location. She had been alone here after her companion died a year earlier. She was initially a little overwhelmed when we all moved in but she has adapted so well and seems to really enjoy having a family to find comfort in. She may be an older girl but her personality is warm and spirited

You can co-sponsor Ruby with a recurring monthly donation of only $50.

Be a Hay Angel

Is it too difficult to choose just one animal to sponsor? Does more than one animal pull on your heartstrings? Well, a good solution for that uncertainty is to do something special for the whole barn! Be a Hay Angel.

For $100 monthly you will be helping ALL the animals.

It costs us approximately $1,000. a month just for hay, grains and produce to keep all the barn’s basic food needs met. So, it would be such a gift to all the animals to have a Hay Angel help to keep the hay in steady supply.