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Project: THRIVE! is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We strive to promote Awareness, Education and Compassion in Action!

Recurring Events

Orientation Day and Reading to the Barn Animals

We would love to have you out to learn all about volunteering with Project: Thrive! We need individuals who are over the age of 16 to dedicate 4-6 hours a month to the animals and their care. Join us! The animals will personally thank you! It is important that volunteers meet the animals, learn what tasks need to be accomplished at the barn and how to do the tasks.  Email us for details.

After orientation has concluded, we invite family members and children (accompanied by their parents) from the community to come by and meet the animals and spend time reading to the animals. This part of orientation day starts at 11 and continues for an hour. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our animals. Please always check in with the volunteer coordinators to let them know you plan on attending. Thank you so much. We hope to see you soon..

Sunday Volunteer Day

Volunteer Every Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm. We have all kinds of barn chores that we need help with and the animals always love to get a good brushing in too.

We also need volunteers for our special events such as Kindness Camps, Fall Festival and other fun happenings. Let us know you are interested in special events. There is one for everyone’s interest!

Please let us know you are coming by emailing us at


Project: THRIVE Kindness Camp

We strive through the Kindness Camps to offer kiddos a chance to be with the animals in nature and begin to understand how closely we are connected with our world and every other living being living here. Through fun activities we foster and nurture compassion, cooperation and respectful advocacy. Nature becomes our classroom and the animals are our teachers as we grow a broader understanding of our global community and how we can positively impact it with kind and mindful actions.

Experience heightens our awareness and sense of empathy so hands-on interaction is our best facilitator. The kids can learn about safe and fun interaction with animals, good care of pets and how animals help improve and enrich our lives. We will learn these things through play, art, creative expression and fun problem-solving strategies. Each camper will have an adult mentor for the day’s activities.

Kindness Campers are encouraged and have the opportunity to develop a relationship with our rescued farm animals while visiting.  This special experience will also translate beautifully into relationships with fellow students, family members and our global community.  If you would like to offer financial assistance for this endeavor, please visit the Donate Page and choose one of the Kindness Camp giving levels.  The $30 monthly donation pays for supplies and safety for kiddos.  The $55 sponsor donation sponsors a child attending a kindness camp.

Bowling Tournament for the Barnyard

Each year members of Project: THRIVE’s advisory committee put together a special Bowling Tournament to raise funds for the rescued animals at the barn as well as educational programs, and to provide kids in need of fun a special day at the lanes. We invite friends, family and volunteer bowling teams to participate in our fun-filled tourney but we also encourage individuals who can’t participate in person to sponsor a special kiddo to enjoy an afternoon of bowling with us. We get to have fun with our barn family and involve our community too.

bowling ball hitting pins
Children reading to one of the donkeys at the Project: THRIVE barn

Partnering School Visits

Several times a year Project: THRIVE partners with Denver area Elementary Schools to introduce students to enriching interaction with rescued farm animals. We feel working and creating relationships with the animals encourages compassion, kindness and respect for our environment and all the living beings we share it with. In our programs and field trips, we teach kids about respectful interaction, advocacy, cooperation while engaging their imagination with the animals as their teachers.

Companion Animal Remembrance Ceremony

These meaningful, yet simple remembrance ceremonies are held at the Project: THRIVE barn in Hudson, Colorado to remember and honor our companion animals who have crossed over.

Jinna leading Animal Remembrance Ceremony

Their presence comforted us, their love enriched us and their devotion lifted us up and so we take time to lovingly remember them in our annual Remembrance for Companion Animals Ceremony.

Luminarias at the ceremony
Donkeys at the barn for Animal Remembrance Ceremony

We gather at the barn, light a personalized luminaria, make a prayer flag, share stories, readings, and call the names of our beloved companions as the bell rings in their honor.  Light refreshments are served.

If you cannot be present at one of our Remembrance Ceremonies but would like a luminaria lit in your companion’s memory and your companion’s name called, we will be honored to carry out your request.  Please click here to send us an email.