Project: THRIVE is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

We strive to promote Awareness, Education and Compassion in Action.

Project: THRIVE is a small animal sanctuary where neglected, abused, and abandoned farm animals come to live out their lives. We offer adults and children the chance to come out and learn about the animals and develop a caring relationship with them. The human-animal bond often is a healing one.

Vision and Mission

Project: THRIVE strives to promote compassion, kindness and positive advocacy for our world and all the living beings that inhabit our shared planet.  We carry out our mission through education, positive interaction and informed advocacy. Our hope is to see our world community become a kinder place through compassionate cooperation.

At Project: THRIVE, children and all visitors get to come out to meet the animals and experience that bond. We teach children the importance of kindness and positive advocacy for all beings who share this planet. We do this through education, outreach to schools, field trips, and kindness camps. Children learn about the ways in which their compassion and their actions have the power to create positive change.