Hello friends!

Mark your calendars and get ready to kiss a cow! July 15th is Cow Appreciation Day; how will you celebrate? Bodhi asked that we be sure to let you know that he is always available for cuddles and kisses.

Have you been to our new Facebook site yet? We are keeping our original site but we have added one where our volunteers can add pictures and stories of the animals at the barn. It’s a great way to get to know our furry friends here at Project: Thrive even better! The new site is Project:Thrive Rescue, check it out!

When you join our new site, Project:Thrive Rescue, you will find the fun loving, suspense filled, full story of our newest friend Hudson the Hawk. We will give you a recap here, but trust us, you will want to read the full story. It’s a hoot! Or would that be a squawk? Anyway, you get the picture. So to give you an overview, our Founder Jinna did a little investigating when the dogs started acting out of character one night when she let them out after work. What she found was the most handsome hawk you ever did see. He was sitting pretty in the middle of a little cluster of bushes. Jinna figured he must be injured because he was large and didn’t look very young. Turns out he was an adolescent who had just left his nest and it could take up to three days before he would find his wings! That is a lot of time to keep the pups and other animals at bay. Well, Jinna did an awesome job of creating a natural barrier to protect the beautiful bird until he got used to those wings. Which, eventually he did and now she sees him and hears him as he flies around the barn, tree to tree. He sure did pick the best place on the planet to fall from the nest! A happy ending for sure. Check out the full, witty story at Project: Thrive Rescue, it’s sure to make you smile!

You have all heard the news by now that we are moving to a bigger, more amazing location this summer. We can’t wait! We also have a few fun events coming up to celebrate the new location and to say good-bye to the space that has been so good to all of us for such a long time. We hope you can join us for one or all of them. It will be great company and the animals will be thrilled to see you too! Come and join the fun!

We will be holding our Tree Planting festivities at the new location on Saturday September 16th from 11:00am until 1:00pm. Location for this event is: 14755 Imboden Road, Hudson, CO 80642. On this fun filled event day, we will dig the holes, feed the soil, and tuck the trees into the ground with lots of love and tons of laughter! There will be yummy vegan snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. This is a great way to meet the animals and get to know them all while planting trees and enjoying the company of kind humans too! We can’t wait to spend this time with each of you! Please go to our VOLUNTEER page to send us an email and sign up.

Of course we are so excited over our move and our new location, but with a move comes some sad good-byes. We have wonderful volunteers who might not be able to travel to the new location and we will also miss the comfortable surroundings of our current home. So, to put a smile on all of our dials, we are throwing a party! HOORAY! Our Farewell Volunteer Party will be scheduled for closer to move time so stay tuned for the exact date and time. It will be a joyous occasion with families, the animals, yummy vegan eats, and if the weather holds out, a great big bon fire! Come and join the F-U-N!

Something very, very cool that we are planning for the new location are interactive classes! We aren’t talking about your everyday, run of the mill classes. These are classes with the animals! Join the pigs, goats, and sheep in creative movement, dance, yoga, meditation, and more! They are doing their stretches as we speak, so you had best be getting ready too. Imagine the stories you will have to tell all of your friends. Heck, bring them too! More information to follow but we hope you are as thrilled as we are!


Whew, that is a lot of fun all in one place! To close out this month’s blog we wanted to do a spotlight on two of our favorite fur-friends, Skyfall and Augie the goats. These two kids came to live with us about the same time. They were both a few months old when they arrived and were instant family members. Skyfall (red) is calm, loving and really smart. Augie (black & white) is also very clever and a real clown. These two are always together and looking for an adventure. They bounce off of the huge tractor tires, climb whatever they can get their hooves on and chase each other and their friends relentlessly. They have even expressed some interest in learning yoga! Wink, wink

Skyfall and Augie have shown all the other incoming family members the lay of the land. They welcomed Bodhi the calf, into the herd, shared their little barn with Violet the pig and played with timid Pearl the lamb, when she arrived and was so scared. These two run to welcome every human who walks into their world. They are both so special to our family. It is hard to believe that when they first moved in with us they were terrified of humans. If you feel a connection with these to cuties, please consider sponsoring them. They, or any of our sweet bunch can be sponsored HERE.

As always, thank you for your kindness and support! Together we have, and will continue to, accomplish so much goodness.

In kindness,


(Photos: Bodhi trying to give kisses; Hudson the Hawk; Skyfall and Augie)