Pearl the sheep with Little the chicken

Hello all of my sweet Valentines!

Well, I don’t know about you but this little chicken has been very busy! So much going on at the barn these days. Just the other day there was the Super Bowl which I thought meant my dinner was going to be presented in a super big bowl, but it wasn’t. Evidently it was some kind of game between a horse and a big cat. Mom told us the horse won. That doesn’t surprise me though because Roja, my horse sister here at the barn is very strong and big, but also very gentle. She can run really fast though. So, that is all I know about all of that. I like cats and horses.

We had a lot of snow not too long ago and it makes it hard for a little chicken with little legs to get very far. Mom shoveled me a path so I could get around to see my friends, so that was very nice. I like the snow. I enjoy catching snowflakes on my beak and making chicken snow angles too! What is your most favorite thing about snow? Perhaps one day I will learn how to ski. I bet I would surprise a lot of people coming down the slopes!

Guess what? We have a new friend visiting at the barn! She is furry like my other brothers and sisters, she likes hay, and she is big and likes to run around the pasture. She is not human. She is a horse! Just like Roja. Her name is Grey but we call her Greycie because she is so pretty and graceful. Her human friends that she used to stay with needed some help caring for her so my mom brought her in to play with us for a while. We are so excited. Roja and Greycie have become the best of friends. Everyone here at the barn loves her. One time Bodhi was trying to eat her hay and Greycie told him real quick that wasn’t ok so he mooed and moooooved along. She is a little scared of the ducks when they waddle towards her, which I think is so silly! It is so much fun having her here. It is like having a slumber party every night. She likes when the volunteers come to visit because everyone wants to brush her and love on her. We know how to make someone feel welcome here at Project: Thrive!

My New Year’s Resolution of getting 10,000 likes to our Facebook page is moving right along. Thank you to every single one of you who invited your friends to like us! We have had several hundred new friends join us and I will tell you what, it sure does make a chicken feel good! Those of you that still want to play along and help us out, just click on the left hand side of our page where it says “Invite friends to like this page” and you can choose who you want to send the invitation to. Isn’t that the most fun you have ever had? Let’s see how many we can get this month!

We also have a very exciting crowd funding happening for about another month or so. Basically, Bodhi Boy is enormous and though he thinks he is a lap dog, he is just too big to sit in a car with his head out the window. So, we really need a trailer to transport him and my bigger brothers and sisters to the vet when they need to go. So many human friends have already donated and every little bit helps! If you or someone you know can help we would really appreciate it! You can go here to find out more and donate if you can! Even just sharing the information with your friends is a big deal and we appreciate it tremendously.

We are always looking for volunteers and my brothers and sisters could all use sponsors too! We are all able to be here safe and warm because of people like YOU! So thank you, thank you for all of your love and support. If you are new to the Project: Thrive family and want to know more about my home and what goes on here at the barn, you can find lots of fun facts and information by perusing this website.  I think the most important thing to mention though is that if you volunteer at the barn you get to see ME! That is kind of a big deal. Just sayin’.

That is all for now. I have included a picture of me and my sister Pearl. She was trying to teach me how to fly in this picture by nudging me off of my perch. It didn’t work. Oh well, I will keep trying! I hope you all enjoy your February and I will pop back by again in March with some fun updates. Thank you for supporting my chicken blog and for loving Project: Thrive as much as I do!


Sending you all so much love, cluck, cluck, cluck- Little x