Daisy the piglet

Hello friends!

Drop what you’re doing and oh my goodness say hello to Daisy! Daisy is our newest little piglet at the barn and can you say spirited? She is just a bundle of joy that bounces around from one thing to the next in search of cuddles and kisses and FUN! She is the smartest, sweetest little piggy, not to take anything away from Miss Violet the Pig of course, but piglets are truly just so CUTE! We were ready to rescue another somebody special to live at the barn and, well, we just could not resist this precious little soul. This little girl was turned into the Denver Animal Shelter and we rescued her from there. She will have a wonderful life here with us and we are certain she will bring us all a lot of joy as well. Welcome home sweet Daisy!

Well, we are well on our way into October and we are having a blast here at the barn! We recently held one of our Kindness Camps and what a tremendous turnout we had! Children from throughout the community enjoyed one on one time with a mentor as they spent quality time with the animals. The children (and the mentors) enjoyed quiet time with each animal, grooming them, reading to them, learning about them, all while showing kindness, compassion and understanding to each other. At the end of the camp, the children created Journey Sticks made from sticks they found around the property. They were asked to include anything they would like on their stick that would remind them of their special day at the barn and to remind them to be kind to animals, others and themselves, and to enjoy the moment. All of the sticks were beautiful and many included feathers that had fallen to the ground, leaves, horse hair (from grooming), flowers, and so on. As we went around the group to find out more about each of their personal sticks, it was heartwarming to hear how much the day really meant to these children. The animals enjoyed every minute of it too! It really was a wonderful experience for all involved.

Kids at Kindness Camp

Call for Volunteers! We have a similar event coming up this coming Friday (10/14) and we are in need of some additional volunteers if you would like to join us. It promises to be a great day and though you will be volunteering, you will have a bunch of fun! The field trip will be children from a local school who will be coming to spend time with and learn more about the animals. Very similar to the Kindness Camp we just held. We would love to have you here and the animals would love to meet you and spend time with you too! If you are interested in joining us and making a difference, please go to our Volunteer Page to learn more.  You are so very much appreciated!

Attention Bowlers! Attention Bowlers! We are sorry to report that we will need to postpone the Annual Bowling Tourney to sometime the first of the New Year. We want as many people to be able to participate as possible and unfortunately, the date we had scheduled (October 22) will prevent too many people from attending due to schedule conflicts. Do not dismay though! We will let you know in next month’s blog the new rescheduled date so that you can get it on your calendar, get your team together and practice before the big day. Should you have any questions or concerns at all regarding this cancellation, please do not hesitate to click here to send us an email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

November is a month that is very near and dear to our hearts here at Project:Thrive. It is the month that we hold our Annual Companion Animal Remembrance ceremony here at the barn. We have created this space of remembrance to honor the animals we loved so dearly that have passed over the rainbow bridge. During the remembrance we will share memories and take time to pay tribute to their sweet souls and all they brought to our lives.  The ceremony will be followed by a nice warm bonfire and a volunteer appreciation gathering where we will honor those animals that are still living and who enrich our lives daily, as well as the wonderful volunteers who make Project:Thrive so special and keep us running. We hope you will be able to attend this very beautiful time at the barn; we would love to see you! The official date, sometime early-mid November, will be released soon with additional information to follow.

Animal Remembrance Ceremony

Last month we spotlighted Lottie and Gertie, so it only seems right that this month we spotlight the sweet and gentle Izzie and Allie! We love our sweet donkeys at the barn and if you haven’t spent any time with these sweet souls, please put it on your list of things to do. You will fall in love, we are certain.

Izzie and Allie

Allie (grey and gracefully aged) is the mother to Izzy. Even though Allie and Izzy went through some traumatic experiences when they were rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management they both are so gentle and patient. Allie is very motherly and will follow the humans around and just stand near them either to watch over them or to snuggle in for a little affection. Allie loves putting her face close to her human. Both Allie and Izzy love being sung to. No matter what they are doing when a song begins they will come in really close. Izzy is about 15 years old and her mother, Allie is around 20. They will touch your heart on your very first visit to the barn and I can promise they are souls you won’t soon forget. Kindness is in their nature. If you would like to sponsor Izzie or Allie, or any of our sweet animal friends, we invite you to read about each of them and decide which one speaks to your heart. Your generous donations are what help Project: Thrive to, well, thrive! For more information, please go to our Sponsor a Rescue Page.

As always, we thank you for your continued support, kindness, and generosity. We could not do what we do without you and we are grateful for each and every one of you! We hope your October is full of fun, colorful falling leaves, and all of the things that make this season so wonderful. Hope to see you at the barn soon!


In kindness, Project: Thrive