Poppy the lamb kissing a volunteer

Hello friends!

The barn is filled with so much excitement this month! We and the animals can barely contain our joy! It is finally here. This month, in just a week and a few days, we will be celebrating our inaugural “Our Sustainable World Film Festival” that will be taking place Sunday, July 24 at 1:15 PM- 10 PM at The Oriental Theater in Denver. The films to be shown are Revolution, Cowspiracy:  The Sustainability Secret, Baraka:  A World Beyond Words, and Racing Extinction.  These amazing films were chosen to promote awareness regarding sustainability, and all profits will be donated to Project:Thrive!  In addition, fantastic musical entertainment will be provided by Kristi Stice and Gypsy Swing Revue.

This is a big deal for us and for the community and we are over the moon about this event! We certainly hope you will be able to attend. If you are not in the local area, we ask that you play a role in this monumental experience by sharing the information with your friends and family on Facebook! We appreciate the help getting the word out and if this year is as successful as we anticipate then we will hope to continue it for years to come. Also, if you want to be a part of the event but you are unable to attend, you can always make a general donation to Project: Thrive and those funds will help with this event as well as the general running of Project: Thrive. A great way to make a huge impact! Donations can be made via our Facebook Page  or on our Donate Page on this website.

Our animal spotlight this month is on sweet Pearl. Pearl came to us as a lamb through the local animal shelter. She was so terrified of humans and other animals that it was impossible to comfort her. It took her a little time but she slowly began to warm up to Bodhi (who was a calf at the time, and much, much smaller than he is now!). She seemed to feel safe when she was near him and her confidence began to grow. Pearl has come so far during her time here that now she will run to greet humans and will even let strangers pet her and give her attention. She loves to play with the goats, Bodhi, and Violet (the pig) now. It is so gratifying to watch her interact with such giddiness and enthusiasm. Pearl also really enjoys being sung to while having her coat brushed. When you hear the phrase ‘Gentle as a Lamb’, think of Pearl. She is gentle, loving and happy. She is pictured here giving kisses to one of our awesome volunteers, Layne!

If you love animals and would like to make a difference, Project:Thrive is always looking for volunteers to join our sweet team. Perhaps you want to work one-on-one with the animals, or maybe you want to help with the administrative side or the creative side, there are so many opportunities to share your individual talents here. For more information or sign up please visit our Volunteer Page.

Perhaps you might want to be a part of what Project:Thrive is doing but maybe you live too far away to volunteer? Maybe you have thought about contributing in some way but you aren’t sure how? Well, many of our sweet furry friends are still in need of monthly sponsors! For as little as $15/per month you can make an enormous difference in the lives of these animals. Every penny of your monthly donation goes towards fulfilling the needs of your animal of choice. It is a fun and inexpensive way to know you are making an impactful difference in the life of one of these sweet souls. Whichever animal speaks to you, there is an opportunity for sponsorship (sponsorship amounts vary by animal). To read about the animals we have available for sponsorship and to sign up today for monthly donations please visit our Sponsor a Rescue Page.

As always, we appreciate you all for your continued support and kindness. Thank you for continuing to spread the word about Project: Thrive and for making us a part of your world.


Eternally grateful, Project: Thrive