Baby ducks Ash, Willow and Juniper

Well, it feels like springtime here at the barn with all of our new babies! I hope you enjoy the video above of our latest newborns, Ash, Willow, and Juniper in all of their fuzzy glory. Their big brother Nemo is so excited, as are the other animals, over the little ducks. They seem pretty excited to be here too!

Project: Thrive has a trailer!

We wanted to take another moment to say THANK YOU all again for our beautiful trailer! We couldn’t have gotten it without you all and now we can rest easy knowing that should we need to transport Big Bodhi Boy or any of the other sweeties, we won’t have any trouble getting them where they need to be. We are so grateful for your support, in all of its many forms.

SAVE THE DATE: Guess what time it is (almost)? Get your bowling gear ready and your friendly competitive spirit ignited because our annual Bowling Tourney is right around the corner! There will be more information coming your way shortly, but for now, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 22. We always have so much fun and donations all go towards Kindness Camp sponsorship as well as towards the rescue animals here at the barn. The Bowling Tourney will be held at the same location this year at Paramount Bowl, 2625 Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80215. If you don’t live close enough to join us but you still want to participate, you can always sponsor a bowler or a team. Sponsorship allows for kids who are in the foster system or in residential treatment to have a day of fun bowling too! Stay tuned for more to come!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We will have Animal Assisted Therapy/Activity Groups for kids starting in October. Every child will have a mentor and these groups will focus on building confidence, fostering kindness and compassion (for self and others), developing respect for self and others, and encouraging laughter, cooperation, and purpose. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor for this program or would like more information on volunteering in general please visit our Volunteer page to learn more. You are appreciated!

Our Animal Spotlight for September is shining brightly on two of our sweetest souls here at the barn, Lottie and Gertie. Lottie came to us from Longhopes Donkey Shelter and they were, thankfully, able to pull her from the kill buyer. She came in with her burro buddy and constant companion, Gertie. These two sweet girls are minis and they absolutely LOVE humans, especially children. Lottie has appointed herself as the main guard to the barn at night. I will oftentimes see her sweet face poking around the door to get a better look at what is going on out in the dark. Lottie will rest her head on my shoulder if I am working or meditating down in the barn. I pull the bucket out to sit on and Lottie makes a bee line to where I am sitting to move in close and add to the peaceful vibes that ring through the barn. Lottie is about 19 years old.

If you would like to sponsor Lottie or Gertie, or any of our sweet animal friends, we invite you to read about each of them and decide which one speaks to your heart. Your generous donations are what help Project: Thrive to, well, thrive! For more information, please visit our Sponsor a Rescue Page.

Little boy reading to Lottie and Gertie

Don’t forget, Project: Thrive is going LIVE!!! We are going to be live each Sunday during Volunteer Time (usually sometime between 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm Mountain Time). Keep an eye on Facebook as we will announce when we are close to go time! You can ask us questions and tell us who you would like to say hello to that day and we will do our best to accommodate. The animals are loving it, we hope you are too! See you then!

We enjoy you all so very much and we are so happy to have you be a part of Project:Thrive! Thank you for all that you do including your continued support and encouragement. The animals couldn’t ask for better friends.

(Pictured: Lottie and Gertie love being read to by this sweet little storyteller; our new trailer; Mama Brie, Nemo, and the three newest ducklings- Ash, Willow, and Juniper!)


With much gratitude, Project:Thrive