Little the Chicken

Hello friends,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Chicken Little (I am a chicken and I am little, get it?). Everyone just calls me Little. Sometimes people call me Fuzzy Pants because I always have my fuzzy pants on, but generally I go by Little. I live here at Project:THRIVE! with all of the other rescue animals that are loved and cared for here. My mom (she is a human like you, not a chicken- I am adopted which mom says makes me even more special) asked me if I could put together a little blog to get the word out about what is happening here at the sanctuary each month. I always wanted my own TV show and I figured this was the next best thing, so I agreed. Doesn’t that just make you want to get up and do the Chicken Dance? Very exciting indeed. I had mom take a picture of me so you can get to know me better. I am quite cute on my little pedestal, aren’t I?

Most days at the barn are pretty fun. My brothers and sisters are all different and unique in their own way. Mom, who is also our founder, is usually pretty busy keeping our bellies full and our beds nice and warm for us. It is a really big job, not because of me since I am just little, but Bodhi the Bovine is ginormous! Boy can he eat! Bodhi makes me laugh because he thinks he is a dog. I have heard him try to bark before but it always comes out as a moo. Luckily for you humans, he doesn’t think he is a lap dog! He is super cuddly though and likes to give big kisses. For me, that usually takes care of my bath for the week.

We have lots of friends that come and visit and help out when they can. Mom calls them our friends but I think the official word is Volunteers. Mom says they are very, very, special humans and we all get really excited when they come. All of the donkey girls, Violet the pig, Bodhi, Roja the horse, the goats and sheep, the chickens, and even Beatrix the bunny start singing out and dancing when our friends arrive because we know we are going to get extra lovin’ and cuddles. Sometimes we even get treats! Volunteers are some of my favorite humans, especially the little ones you call children. Sometimes I will go up to someone and do a little dance with my wings spread out. This is my way of asking to be picked up and be cuddled. I am so cute that it works every time!

This is a truly wonderful time to start a blog and I am going to tell you why; recently we all posed for our pictures to be taken. We didn’t know why at the time but the news is out and the excitement is building! Our very special friends at Muddy Paws Dog Grooming in Denver, CO put together a 2016 calendar and we are the guests of honor!!!! Can you believe it? Twelve months of absolute cuteness coming your way just in time for the holidays and all of the proceeds go directly back to me! Well, not only me, I have to share with my brothers and sisters too. Roja the horse always says “Hay doesn’t grow on trees you know”, so I imagine a lot of the proceeds will go to getting lots of yummy hay for my siblings and to help Project:THRIVE! continue to be the most beautiful, safe, loving, place in the whole wide world. Thank you in advance for supporting us, even if you can help spread the word about us that is worth tons!

Well, I think this is enough excitement for one day. My beak is getting pretty tired from typing and mom just brought me some noodles that look a lot like worms so I am going to go and chow down, and then maybe take a nap. I have to rest up if I am going to be the most famous blogging chicken in the world!

With lots of love, cluck, cluck, cluck-