Hello friends!

Well, with Easter having just passed, we have a bunny story with a very happy ending for you that we would like to share. Beatrix is our resident rabbit and carrot connoisseur. She definitely adds to the cuteness factor at the barn and she is just as much as sweet. Last summer, poor Beatrix managed to somehow get her eye pierced, yes…that is correct…her eye. Well, needless to say we were terrified and frantically called every vet we could think of and the news was grim, the chances of her making it and saving her eye were slim. Nothing could be done. At our wits end and concerned we would lose her, we finally found a vet out of Aurora, CO who was able to treat little Beatrix. They saved her and her eye! It was a miracle. She got to know the vet and staff at Loving Family Animal Hospital very well with all of the trips down for treatments, but Beatrix came through with flying colors! It just so happens that Loving Family Animal Hospital was nominated for National Practice of the Year, WOW! The magazine TRENDS did an article on the final candidates and Beatrix’ story is being told in the article about them! Beatrix is quite certain that she helped Dr. Weldon and Loving Family Animal Hospital WIN the National Vet Practice of the year! Congratulations to all. Awesome, heartwarming news all the way around.

One of our wonderful volunteers, Sarah Blazon, will be hosting an online LuLaRoe party and a Sip and Shop Party on April 29th! You can also shop online until close to midnight on the 30th too. FUN! Sarah is graciously donating 10% of the sales for our Barn Fund. Thank MOO Sarah!! The Sip’ n’ Shop will be held Saturday 4/29 from 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 1370 W. Custer Place, Denver, CO 80223. Online orders can be placed from 4/29 through 4/30 at 11:30 pm here.


Another of our rock star volunteers, Allyson Ames, is planning a tree planting in June to help provide shade for the animals at our new location! She is coordinating with Kohl’s to donate a cash donation and recruiting Kohl’s volunteers to help. We will need a whole lot of volunteers to help get the trees in the ground and tucked in well. They have to be able to withstand the curiosity of one very large Mr. Bodhi. If you are interested in coming out and playing in the dirt this summer we would love to have you! Stay tuned for the exact date in June. Way to go Allyson! High fives and hooves and paws all around.

You all have RAISED THE ROOF! There isn’t much we can say to express our profound gratitude to every single person and company who has contributed towards our new barn through the Giving Grid. You have brought us all, especially the animals, to tears of joy. So much generosity that we are just overflowing with the deepest of thanks. You all are allowing us to do great things here at Project: Thrive and it is appreciated. We must shine the spotlight on Muddy Paws Bathhouse who has offered to match donations, dollar for dollar, up to $3,000.00! Now, if that doesn’t make you weep, I don’t know what would. Who is up for the challenge? To participate or learn more, check out our Giving Grid! Thank you so much, all of you!

Speaking of barn raising, we are currently in process of trying to raise the funds needed to raise a barn for the gang to be erected sometime in late July. Start planning to come to our new location and join us for this special event. It promises to be lots of fun and there will be something for everyone to do, from nailing to “gophering”! More details to follow!

We are so pleased that so many of you have chosen to follow us here on Facebook and on our website. You all are such a big part of the Project: Thrive family. We have recently started a new group on Facebook called Project: Thrive Rescue and we would love for you to join us! The rescue group page is a place where volunteers with Project: Thrive share their personal photos and videos taken here at the Project: Thrive barn. You can catch candid moments of all of the shenanigans our furry friends get up to and meet some of the wonderful people who help us thrive! It’s a fun spot, we think you will enjoy it! See you there!

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with Project: Thrive, please check out our VOLUNTEER page for more information or to sign up. If you would like to contribute to Project:Thrive but you are unable to volunteer, we are always in need of donations. It is your generosity that helps to continue to grow and preserve the work we do with these sweet beings. We appreciate you all so very, very much. If you would like to contribute to Project: Thrive, please visit our DONATE page.  Don’t forget about AmazonSmiles! Remember that with AmazonSmiles, whenever you place an order, a portion of the proceeds will be directed to the charity of your choice at no additional cost to you. What a great way to support an organization like Project: Thrive!

(Photos: Information for Sarah Blazon’s Sip’ n’ Shop, Volunteer Allyson Ames with her goat and donkey friends, Beatrix the Bunny)

In Kindness,

Project: Thrive