We recently suffered a tremendous loss to our family here at Project: Thrive and so we are dedicating this blog to our beautiful friend and family member, Skyfall the goat. Thank you to everyone for your much appreciated support and kindness, you are so loved and appreciated. Following is a beautiful tribute from our founder, Jinna:

Oh, sweet boy, Skyfall,

Our barn seems so empty without you in it. In many ways, you were a stabilizing force in your little family of Bodhi, Poppy, Pearl and of course, your closest companion, Augie. You were the one of this little bunch who came to us first. You were small, beautiful and full of fear of humans. But it seemed as soon as you walked into the barnyard, a smile appeared on your face and you felt right at home. The 2 donkeys, Izzy and Allie, never batted an eye at your presence. It just seemed you truly belonged here and had finally found home.

You welcomed in Augie and the two of you have ever since been the closest of companions. True brothers. I always knew if I could see Augie, you would always be close by. He is his own spirit but never strayed far from your confident energy. Augie loved your protectiveness and playfulness. Did you know that you taught Augie to trust? Your confidence showed Augie that together, you two would always be safe, loved and content.

Then Bodhi Boy came along. You also welcomed him in as a brother. He may have continued to grow after you stopped but I know that he still looked to you as the guiding force of your family. When he needed comforting, he went to you. When he wanted to play, he went to you. When he slept at night, he wanted to be close to you. You were his big brother too. Bodhi may have grown big but I know you were the one your little family sought comfort in. It may not have been obvious to others, but I saw how they all looked up to you as the wise, calm leader of this family.

You are missed so deeply already. But, I think, it might be almost as painful watching Augie peek around the corner of the barn looking for you, linger behind before joining the others in the field in case you are coming to catch up or especially seeing an empty spot beside Augie at night that used to be filled with his best friend, his big brother.

Your absence is like thunder, sweet Skyfall. And it hangs heavy over the barnyard. The image of you running to greet me every morning and every night, with your long, curled-up ears flopping along always brought me peace. But right now, that same image brings a lump to my throat and leaves a sting in my heart.

We will carry on, Skyfall and we will carry you with us in our hearts always. Rest in peace our dear friend.

(Pictures: Jinna and Skyfall; Skyfall and Augie; Skyfall and Bodhi; Skyfall)

 With so much love and kindness,

Project: Thrive and all that loved you.