Hello friends!

We hope your summer has been full of warmth and happiness so far! We have had something so wonderful happen and we can’t wait to share the fantastic news. Sit back, enjoy some cool lemonade and share in our joy!

As you are aware, we have been working hard to raise the roof on our new barn. We have learned so much through this process specifically that we have some very generous, kind hearted friends out there and we could not be more grateful. Our Barn Fundraising has taken a beautiful turn and we feel like this special development brings with it even more meaningful and loving vibes to help create our sacred space.

Several of our generous benefactors have donated to the barn in honor or memory of someone special in their lives. This touched us deeply and so we have decided that our barn will have a special area dedicated to these honored individuals. This space will focus on the peace that nature provides us and those who love it and have loved it so deeply.

We will have the names of all of our memorialized humans and non-humans displayed in a permanent way so their names and energy will flow endlessly with the wind. This will be a space where we will have our annual Remembrance and other special ceremonies. This space will be available for everyone to come, reflect and feel as one with all nature.

Please consider donating to our barn to house the rescued animals with Project: Thrive by gifting in honor or memory of someone in your life who loves animals and all nature. What a beautiful tribute for someone so loved! Our Giving Grid makes it easy, fast, secure and enjoyable. We hope you will consider adding a photo of your special honoree to the Giving Grid. We want to have the opportunity to know and acknowledge these incredibly precious individuals. Everyone who spends time at the barn will have the privilege to feel their spirit each and every day.

Those of you who have joined our additional face book page titled Project: Thrive Rescue have already read the amazing story of Thelma and Louise. For those of you that have yet to read the heroic adventures of these little fledglings, I hope you will come visit our page and have a read. If you like what you see, join us! It’s never a dull moment here at the barn.


To give you some background to the story, a very large branch fell at the barn and brought with it 2 bird nests. One nest carried 4 sparrows and the other carried a little yellow bird (yet to be identified). There were only two survivors, one sparrow and the little yellow bird. Our founder aptly named them Thelma and Louise! With a lot of tender loving care, Louise (the sparrow) finally took to flight and could be seen with other sparrows supporting her. Thelma is still at the barn and receiving lots of care and round the clock feedings. She is doing better with her balancing and we think it won’t be long now before she too takes to flight. Stay tuned to see when she will decide to spread her wings and fly too!

With this being the season for fledglings learning to take flight we thought it might be good to offer some information on what to do should you find one. When you find or see a fledgling, please do not pick them up. They are trying to learn to fly and their parents are near helping them through the process. You might not see mom, but chances are she is somewhere in the vicinity keeping a watchful eye. If you feel they are in danger (likely to encounter a dog or cat or other predator) please very carefully move them to the NEAREST safe location. Their calls to their parents can still be heard so the parents can find them and continue to be supportive. It is always ideal when momma bird can care for her little ones as nature intended. It is also important to be mindful of birdbaths in fledgling season. We loved the information provided by Melissa the Empress of Dirt. She offers great tips and even has information on her page on how to make very efficient and safe bird baths. Have a peek at her page for more!


We hope you all enjoy what is left of July and we look forward to seeing you again soon in August. Until then, thank you for all that you do for Project: Thrive and the animals. You are appreciated more than you could know.

Pictures from top to bottom: Roja Horse and Pearl Sheep dreaming of their new barn; our new friends Thelma and Louise; Violet Pig ready for the big move.

In kindness,

Project: Thrive