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Little boy reading to rescued donkeys Lottie and Gertie

This sweet cow came to live with us when he was only one month old. Bodhi was born on a dairy farm and separated from his mommy immediately. He had no idea what to think of humans or a wide open space to roam in but quickly became friends with the two young goats and sheep who live with us.  He’s now about 2000 lbs. and is truly a “gentle giant”.

The animals have so much to teach us when we take the time to listen to them!

Baby loving on the donkeys at the Project: THRIVE farm.
Kids loving on Bohdi at the farm.
Bird feeders made for shelter cats to have something exciting to watch.

When weather and schedules permit, Project: THRIVE broadcasts live on Facebook from the farm! 

We hope you enjoy this short video of Layne highlighting stories about our sweet rescued chickens and donkeys.