Project: THRIVE logo

 Our Mission

Project: THRIVE  strives to empower people of all ages to make a positive difference through awareness, non-judgmental assessment, dedicated advocacy and compassionate action.

Project: THRIVE believes strongly that by introducing compassion and kindness into our treatment and care of animals this message will also translate beautifully into relationships with fellow students, families and global community. Our programs are formulated as character building programs that teach, heal and nurture.

Project: THRIVE provides educational programs and therapeutic interaction between humans and rescued animals to promote and strengthen the Human-Animal Bond.

The focus of our mission is targeted for Animal and Environmental Welfare and Humane Education so that future generations will embrace kindness and respect for all living beings.

How We Carry Out Our Mission

Project: THRIVE offers Animal Assisted Groups for all ages, as well as Kindness Camps for younger children. We have projects and programs to give animals a second chance at life and partnering them with special needs/challenged individuals, students, teens and adults to promote the human animal bond and inspire healing and empowerment through the unconditional acceptance experienced in these interventions.

Our programs are developed to assist in the development of successful life skills such as: respect, self-esteem, compassion, creative expression, confidence building, communication enrichment and creative ways to express feelings and self-awareness.

We develop our programs as creative character and confidence-building programs that teach, heal and nurture.

We’ve created a barnyard learning center where groups of individuals, volunteers and advocates can come, interact and participate in learning activities with the rescued animals!