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Monthly Sponsorships:

Monthly sponsors help us feed and care for our rescued animals. If you cannot commit to a monthly donation but would like to support the animals and our mission, please simply visit the Donations section below and specify the amount you’d like to donate.  We are grateful for any amount, whether recurring or not!  

This page is currently under construction but you can still sponsor any one of the animals. Bios of the rescues will be forthcoming so please check back.  Thank you most sincerely. 

Hay Heroes

You can become one of our Hay Heroes for a recurring donation of $100 a month, which would go a long way toward the $1,200/month+/- it costs to keep the Project: THRIVE animals fed and medical needs met.

Big Bodhi – This sweet boy came to live with us when he was only one month old. Bodhi was born on a dairy farm and separated from his mommy immediately.  Bodhi grew to over 3000 pounds. He was gentle, curious and came to us when we called him. Kids loved to hug on him and snuggle with him. The chickens would sometimes stand on him while he was resting in the grass. The goats would rest their heads on him when sleeping. He was truly a gentle giant, but his enormous size caused severe arthritis in his legs and was beginning to affect his neck as well.  We are so very appreciative of VetCS as they provided much needed help in the form of CBD powder, which we mixed with peanut butter in sandwich form.  Sadly, we had to put Bodhi down as his pain was so bad and we will be burying him alongside our dear Roja who also passed this same year.

VetCS logoVetCS is a veterinarian founded and driven company delivering scientifically sound, transparently sourced hemp and cannabinoid products for dogs, cats, and horses. With VetCS products you can rest assured quality and safety are in every product. It’s their mission to be on the forefront of establishing cannabinoids as a research-grounded, trusted, and accepted option for animal wellness. VetCS sources Colorado-grown (organically farmed) hemp and provides COMPLETE transparency of their products. They are setting the standards in the industry in providing posted Certificates of Analysis, so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing. Visit VetCS for ordering and more information at!

You can co-sponsor any of the members of the Divas group
– Daisy, Izzie, Lottie, Gertie, Ruby, Gracie –
for a much appreciated donation of $50 per month.

Thank you most sincerely!

You can co-sponsor any of the members of the Gregarious Gang
– Sweet Tart, Pumpkin, Rosemary, Poppy, Mac, Harry, Bertie, Levon –
for a much appreciated donation of $50 per month. 

Thank you most sincerely!

You can co-sponsor any of the members of the Galloping Goats
– Argus, Gizmo, Augie, Jinx, Hudson, Roger, Bruno, Willy, Stripe –
for a much appreciated donation of $25 per month. 

Thank you most sincerely!













You can co-sponsor the Feathered Friends, Beatrix the Bunny, and Barnyard Cats
for a much appreciated donation of $15 per month. Thank you most sincerely!





Project: THRIVE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2009. We are a community resource for humane education and environmental and animal advocacy. We want our supporters and visitors – especially our young ones – to know they can raise their voices for animals and create a more compassionate world. Our work is made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers and by the generous support of people like YOU! All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. We – and the animals – are so grateful for any support and donations in any amount!

Please watch this short video that explains this far better than a few words can depict, and consider making a donation today to help us achieve our mission. Thank you!

If you would prefer supporting the animals and our mission using
Stripe instead of PayPal, please use the form below. 

If you want your donation to recur monthly simply check that box.

We are grateful for any amount, whether recurring or not! 

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If you would prefer to make a donation by phone or mail, please
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Project: Thrive
P.O Box 1071
Hudson, CO 80642

There are many other ways you can help too! Please see our Wish List on Amazon to see if there are any physical items you might like to donate.  And don’t forget – if you enroll in the Amazon Smile program and list Project: Thrive as your charity, you help us even more!

Wish List
  • De-icers
  • 16-gallon electric buckets
  • Large heated pet watering bowls
  • Extension cords
  • Wagons for hauling hay down to the barn
  • 80-gallon Rubbermaid water tank
  • 55-gallon water barrel for emergency water shortage
  • Electric Water hoses
  • Zip ties
  • Salt Blocks
  • Battery Charger for Bobcat
  • Boxes of twinkle lights to gently light the barn at night
  • Enrichment toys/activities for rabbits, chickens, pigs, and larger animals.